My name is Ian, I'm an academic librarian and an amateur photographer with a particular interest in city, landscape and abstract photography.

I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, playing around with cameras since primary school. My first job was in the photographic department of a well known high street chemists. Despite this long-held interest, and taking the plunge with a DSLR about five years ago (a Nikon D3200), it was only at the beginning of 2017 that I started to learn how to take photos in full manual mode (turns out some new year's pledges are worthwhile!).

Since getting to grips with apertures, shutter speeds and ISOs, I've tried to take my photography further, step-by-step. I'm still in the early stages of my development, with much still to learn. This website both charts my development and highlights (what I consider to be) my best work.


Well, there's an obvious link between capture and photography of course. The concept of “yield” when it comes to sharing photos I also quite like. The notion of giving, which I think fits in with my belief in making as much of my creative work as possible available under a Creative Commons license. (Full disclosure: Yield is also the name of one of my favourite albums by my favourite band, and I wanted to work that into the title somehow. Because I am that sad.)

I'm an avid user of social media and you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by searching for capture/yield. If you want to check out my reading, my library is here 

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